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Pick up or delivery available. Delivery fees apply and depend upon distance.

Breakfast Platters

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $35/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $55

Assorted Bite Size Muffins & Danishes
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $20/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $30

Assorted Pastry Platter
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $19.50/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $29.25
An assortment of muffins, croissants and cheese danishes

Lox & Bagel Platter
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $45/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $60
A platter of smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, tomato & cucumber. Served with plain bagels

Build Your Own Parfaits
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $45/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $60
Individual bowls of granola, local vanilla yogurt, & seasonal fresh fruit

Bagel Platter
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $15/Lg. (10-12 PPL) $20
All one flavor or assorted +cream cheese/butter

Breakfast Meats & Sides

Breakfast Potatoes Sm. (6-8 PPL) $20/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $40

Homemade Biscuits Sm. (6-8 PPL) $22/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $44

Toast Sourdough or Multigrain
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $16/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $32

Bacon Sm. (6-8 PPL) $20/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $40

Organic Turkey Bacon  Sm. (6-8 PPL) $24/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $48

Sausage Sm. (6-8 PPL) $20/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $40

Turkey Sausage Sm. (6-8 PPL) $24/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $48

Breakfast Bites

Breakfast Toasts $20/Dozen
Bite size baguette toasts by the dozen
Nutella OR Smashed berry and goat cheese

Avocado Toast
Tomato & Goat Cheese/$4/Dozen
Smoked Salmon/$8/Dozen

Mini Fruit Parfaits $5/Parfait
individual fruit parfaits with local vanilla yogurt, fruit, and granola

Breakfast Sliders $22/Dozen
Bite size egg & cheddar cheese on mini challah buns
add bacon, turkey bacon, or sausage, +$5/dozen

Mini Pancake Skewers $18/Dozen
Home-made mini bite size pancakes on a skewer, topped with a fresh berry & served with local maple syrup

Fried Chicken & Pancake Sliders $24/Dozen
Individual house-made fried chicken & pancakes, with white maple gravy for dipping

Frittata Muffins $20/Dozen
Mini muffin size frittatas with spinach, tomato, & feta
add bacon, turkey bacon, or sausage, +$5/dozen

Oatmeal Bar $8/person
Oatmeal, Whole & Almond milk (served warm) + toppings:
mixed blueberries & strawberries, granola, walnuts

Hot Breakfast

Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich $12/person
Comes with scrambled eggs and individual trays of the
following items:
(Pick 2) Base: Mini bagels, croissants, Gluten Free bread
(Pick 2) Protein: Bacon, sausage, or tofu
(Pick 1) Cheese: American or cheddar
(Pick 3) Veggies: Spinach, sautéed peppers, caramelized onion, sliced tomatoes or sauteed mushrooms

Luna Loaded Potatoes
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $25/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $50
A heaping mound of breakfast potatoes, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream & green onions

Breakfast Bowls $9/Bowl 6 Person Minimum
Individual breakfast bowls, warm quinoa, black beans, pico de gallo, & cheddar cheese on a bed of arugula, topped with an egg & cilantro aioli

Scrambled Eggs  Sm. (6-8 PPL) $20/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $40

Breakfast Wrap Platter $6/Person 6 Person Minimum
+Egg & Cheese
+Egg, Cheese, & Breakfast Meat
+Egg, Cheese, Spinach, & Tomato

Breakfast Quesadilla Sm. (6-8 PPL) $22/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $44
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, kale, tomato, & mushrooms

Breakfast Tacos Sm. (6-8 PPL) $24/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $48
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, & cilantro aioli on corn tortillas

Bread Pudding French Toast Sm. (6-8 PPL) $28/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $56
Home-made challah bread pudding french toast with a seasonal berry compote

Cinnamon Apple French Toast Sm. (6-8 PPL) $25/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $50
Brioche french toast with a cinnamon apple topping

Pancakes Sm (6-8 PPL) $22/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $44
Add strawberries, blueberries, bananas, or chocolate chips/$5


Hot Coffee  $20/Box (8 Cups)

Iced Coffee $25/Box (8 Cups)

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $18/Gallon

Local Apple Cider $18/Gallon

Organic Bottled Sweet Tea  $3/Bottle

Kombucha $ 6/Bottle


$3 Apps/person

  • Mini grilled cheese Add tomato -$1 additional per person
  • Mini three cheese Quesadillas
    Add shredded chicken- $2 per person
  • Bacon wrapped asparagus
  • Bruschetta toasts

$4 Apps/person

  • Sliders: BBQ pulled pork, grilled chicken, caprese
  • Fried mac & cheese bites
  • Bite Size Tacos: Beef or chicken

Vegetable Crudité Sm. (6-8 PPL) $35/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $70

Hummus Platter Sm. (6-8 PPL) $38/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $76


Sm. (6-8 PPL) $35/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $70

Kale and Quinoa
Organic baby kale, quinoa, blueberries, & local goat cheese with a honey lemon vinaigrette

Mixed Greens Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled antibiotic-free chicken breast, romaine, caesar dressing, croutons, & shaved parmesan

Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach, local strawberries, chevre, & walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette

House Salad
Spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, with a honey lemon vinaigrette

Sandwiches, Wraps & Trays

$10/person, 6 Person Min

Chicken Salad
Grilled antibiotic-free chicken breast with celery, onion, and mayo topped with lettuce and tomato on fresh baked sourdough toast

Turkey Wrap
Local, free range turkey, feta, roasted red peppers, spinach on a wrap

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Grilled antibiotic-free chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato on a challah bun

The Veggie
Sauteed muchrooms, kale, tomatoes, and carmelized onions with goat cheese, served in a wrap or on whole wheat toast

Lunch/Dinner Bar

In addition to the following items we offer a hot lunch bar that includes a main dish, a side, and a salad starting at $22/Person.
Please email or call for details

Home-made Mac & Cheese
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $38/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $76

Hearty Vegetarian Chili
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $42/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $82

BYO Quinoa Bowl – $15/person
Base included: Quinoa or Rice
(Pick 2) Protein: grilled chicken, pulled pork, tofu, sausage
(Pick 1) Greens: Mixed greens, arugula, kale
(Pick 3) Toppings: sautéed peppers & onions, roasted corn, black beans, oven roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, chick peas, roasted mushrooms, carrots,
(Pick 2) Dressing: cilantro aioli, ranch, honey lemon vinaigrette, taziki, hummus, cheese, pico, pesto

Lasagna Sm. (6-8 PPL) $45/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $90
Layers of cheesy lasagna with local grass beef, & home-made sauce

Build Your Own Fajita Bar $15/person
Tortillas corn or flour
(Pick 2) Meat: Chicken, pork, beef, or sautéed mushrooms
Toppings:  sautéed peppers & onions, pico, shredded cheddar, sour cream
(Pick 2) Sides: Mexican corn, rice, black beans, tortilla chips
+$3/person Guacamole, extra sides, or meat

Backyard BBQ Bar $15/person
(Pick 2) Meat: Pulled Pork, BBQ chicken, Brisket, BBQ tofu,
(Pick 3) Sides: Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, baked beans, oven roasted corn on the cob, Mac & cheese
(Pick 2 ) challah buns, potato roll, corn bread, or gluten free bread

BYO Mac and cheese Bowls $12/person
(Pick 2)
Base: macaroni, mutli-grain macaroni, or gluten free macaroni
(Pick 2) Protein: bite size bacon, shredded chicken, roasted tofu, pulled pork
(Pick 3) Veggies: sautéed mushrooms, red peppers, caramelized onions, spinach, cherry tomatoes


Home-made Pesto Pasta Salad
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $40/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $80 with Fresh Tomatoes & Mozzarella

Home-made Potato Salad
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $40/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $80

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables
Sm. (6-8 PPL) $42/ Lg. (12-16 PPL) $82


Other dessert options available seasonally, please call for details.

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Cookie Tray Sm. (6-8 PPL) $45/Lg. (12-16 PPL) $90

Vegan Catering

Starters – $5/person

  • Spinach Salad – Quinoa, mixed berries, vegan mozzarella
  • Hummus platter – Housemade garlic hummus with a side of seasonal vegetables
  • Vegan stuffed mushrooms

Mains – $10/person

  • Thai Teriyaki Tofu – Seared teriyaki tofu served with mixed seasonal vegetables on a bed of red & white quinoa
  • Eggplant Parm – Fried eggplant, mushrooms, and chopped spinach served in tomato sauce, topped with vegan mozzarella.
  • Pulled “pork” – Home-made vegan BBQ served with corn and beans with your choice of quinoa or mixed greens
  • Philly “Cheese Steak” – Slow cooked vegan cheese steak, onions, and peppers served with vegan cheese and rolls